In a ground-breaking merging of agricultural observation and cutting-edge biotechnological innovation, a forefront breakthrough has emerged, promising to change both industries.

“It all started when I went to the farm,” shared Dr. Jest Wong, the ambitious entrepreneur behind this pioneering development. “I witnessed a scene of calmness amidst the cows and poultry, prompting a curiosity for understanding.”

This journey of discovery led Dr. Jest Wong to uncover a remarkable insight: the potential of stockfeed as a conduit for profound physiological regulation. Through in-depth research and collaboration with leaders in field of biochemistry, they unveiled a solution that could reshape how we approach wellness and nutrition.

“At the heart of this innovation lies GABA,” Dr. Jest Wong explained. “A compound known for its ability to modulate hormones, induce calmness, and combat insomnia.”

Venturing further into the research, Dr. Jest Wong encountered a visionary friend in Taiwan, spearheading a biotech company. Together, they confronted the issue of muscle atrophy in aging populations, unveiling a prebiotic marvel designed to fight off degeneration.

“This prebiotic, engineered to combat sarcopenia, emerged triumphant on the global stage, securing accolades at the Geneva World Medical Innovation Competition,” an achievement that marvel Dr. Jest Wong and his team.

Exploring the power of collaboration and cross-disciplinary synergy, they unite institutions renowned for their expertise in engineering, nanotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. The University of Malaya (UM), Taiwan University, Airlangga University, and Mahidol University joined forces in a quest to unlock the full potential of GABA synthesis.

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“Through rigorous research and innovative fermentation techniques, we finally achieved a breakthrough in GABA extraction,” Dr. Jest Wong declared. “This sustainable and recyclable bioprocess heralds a new era in agricultural and biotechnological symbiosis and most important it is TRL level 7 / 8.”

The culmination of these efforts has yielded a paradigm-shifting achievement: the world’s first synthesis of GABA and probiotics, mitigating silica volatility and heralding a new frontier in functional nutrition.

This pioneer research and development is patent at 127 countries by Dr. Jest Wong together with his team is an envision of what future collaboration and innovation can converge to address humanity’s most pressing challenges.

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